Algae normally won't grow in the caves, but because we've introduced light into them, they have a chance to grow. As a result, the folks who maintain the cave have to turn the lights off as we travel through the cave, to help keep the algae growth down as much as possible.

They made an excellent choice to use blue lighting for this. The coloured lighting also helps prevent algae growth. I think this stalagtite looks much like a human being suspended from the ceiling.

My sister says: "I especially like the one with the blue lighting that looks like someone is suspended by their head. Like maybe they angered the god of the cave and was thrust into the ceiling of the cave and left to spend eternity there with tourists gaping in amazement."

Gotta love my sister!

This beautiful little pool had several stalagtites and stalagmites growing throughout. Again, their choice of lighting helped show some of the beauty of this natural wonder.

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