Skyline Caverns

Melvin and I went to Skyline Caverns, and I managed to get a number of good shots. All of these shots were taken without the use of a flash, since I was concerned about draining the battery.

Tremendous effort went into setting up these caverns for aesthetic appeal, as well as safety. Usually, the floor would be mud, but they had filled the floor with a light gravel. Unfortunately, because we've had so little rain, we were not treated to any of the usual waterfalls.

We also had to endure a little monster of a child, who continuously interrupted our guide and generally made the trip relatively unpleasant. Several times, I had seriously considered scaring the wits out of the lad by making weird noises or off-hand comments about something I might have seen out of the corner of my eye.

I have pictures of the caves, pictures of anthodites, and miscellaneous pictures.

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