Jason and Tony (from left to right) were commenting about the digital camera, when I took this shot. We were eating in a restaurant in a neighboring town, if I recall. The omlets were outstanding. Tony noted that the building we were in was originally a druggist's parlor. The cabinetry you see in the background seems to be the original shelving (right down to the glass) used for the drug store to display the wares.

Another picture of Jason and Tony, this time with the mountains as a nice natural backdrop. Other pictures show the stream flowing by the mountain. We think someone got married in the area, because there were chairs set up to Tony's left (outside the view of the picture) and we saw a lot of folks in tuxedos and the like.

From left to right: Melvin, Tony, and Jason. A standard grip-'n-grin photograph. With a little work, we could perhaps turn them into Moe, Larry, and Curly, but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing so.

This is Melvin, with a very nice view of the stream in the background. You can almost make out the smile on his face. Unfortunately, you can definately make out one of the chairs I mentioned in the background. And he thinks he takes poor photographs.. oh poo..

This picture would look a lot better if this fleeb weren't in it. Some folks will let anyone into a picture.

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