Sadly, the reality was much more beautiful than this shot, although I don't consider this a complete failure. I tried to catch the moon amidst the spires of this old church. We looked around inside the church (open to the public).. very nice. They had a disturbing statue of Jesus on the Cross with the three different languages saying "Jesus, King of the Jews." I recognized the Latin one: "IESUSNAZAREMUSREXIUDEORUM". Very eerie.

I saw all these birds on this thing, and just had to try to get a close shot. I'm not so sure this was a good picture.

So I tried again, and gave up on the birds, noticing this nice bit of composition here. This isn't in Harper's Ferry, though. I don't remember the name of the town we were in, but it is the same one in which we ate lunch.

A pair of old Model T Fords. Beautiful cars. Kind of which we could go back to this old style.

I thought this was silly, and had to get a picture of it. I suppose they intended for folks not to ride the bicycles on the bridge itself.. but placement is everything.

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