Fennel Flowers...

I truly lucked out to find this picture. The flower unfolds at only about an inch in size, but pulling the camera this close to it makes it seem all the more beautiful.

West Virginia mountains seem full of laurel, like this one. All along the rocks, I could find this growing and flowering like crazy. Pity we came just a little too late to see this in its prime, but I still managed to find an okay picture.

Laurel, somewhat after the blooming.
A Little Flower

I saw several kinds of little wild flowers, like this one. I could easily have filled the disks I bought with floral pictures, but we might never have returned home; I would have had to ask Melvin to pull off to the side of the road repeatedly to take pictures.

Here's that laurel again, but from farther away, so you can see how it looks from a distance. This stuff grows like a bush in the rocks.

More Laurel...
Pretty Purple Flowers...

Ah.. yet more wildflowers. Purple this time; a very nice color, although not my father's favorite.

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