The Wildernest Inn

Melvin and I went to a nice resort called The Wildernest Inn some time ago. It's located deep in the mountains of West Virginia. I took several pictures while we were there, varying from mountain scenes to flowers.

We found this resort to be exceptionally friendly, even to gays, and strongly recommend it to anyone who would enjoy a little rest and relaxation in the mountains. The owners, Norma and George, have a gay son who occasionally drops by the place (although we have never met him). We suspect this has much to do with why the folks are so friendly to gays.

If you should choose to go there, plan on paying the extra money for dinner there. You will not be disappointed; George cooks exceptionally well. These days, whenever we go out to eat, Melvin holds George's grilled chicken breast as the standard to compare others to (so far, everyone else has failed).

Their vegetarian fare measures up, too. I enjoyed an excellent eggplant parmesian as well as their ice-berg lettuceless salads.

So, I have two sets of pictures you may look at. Spring and Fall.

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