The Wildernest Inn: Fall

Norma and George, who manage The Wildernest Inn possess a deep love of food. Melvin had the chicken for dinner (being vegetarian, and hating fowl, I opted out), and described it as being the best chicken breast he had ever had. They were also a most obviously gay-friendly establishment, having a gay son. With them, you hadn't a sense that they merely wanted your money; they truly enjoyed their work, and seemed to enjoy the company we kept.

We also met a lesbian couple there, but sadly I never had the chance to take any pictures of them. We ate dinner and breakfast together, enjoying good conversation and cheer.

Another picture I failed to take would have offered an example of West Virginian art, the likes of which John Waters would have died for. Imagine one of those nasty green Streamline-style trailers with a window in the back, with a rust-red shack appended to the side of it. One truly needed to see it to believe it, but helas, I failed to deliver.

I took pictures of animate things, and inanimate things. Of course, given my nature, you will find more pictures amongst the inanimate than the animate, but some of them should please you folks.

Of course, Melvin and I so enjoyed the place, we returned returned!

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