I took so many pictures of inanimate things, I had to divide them up a little more to keep you from having to load so many images at one time.

I have rocky pictures, watery pictures, pictures with some element of civilisation in them, and some plant pictures.

This shows a view from the road. The view from the house was so spectacular I became lost in its beauty, and forgot to get a picture of it. Particularly in the morning, when the clouds cast their shadows on the scene.

I find this geographic wonder interesting. It looks like a kind of wall, but it's all natural. It continues again after the mountain to the right. Sorta reminds me of the Great Wall of China or something, but no man created this. Sadly, we were on the wrong side of the sun to take these pictures, so they aren't as nice as I'd like them to be.

Here's the same "wall" from farther back. We saw this along the road, as we were driving to The Wildernest Inn. My grandfather would have been able to tell me how it was formed, but I find myself left to guess at it.

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