Matthew Shephard

I'm thankful to live in a country so advanced in our thinking. So advanced that we have individuals who feel it is appropriate to perform the sort of atrocities visited upon Mr. Shephard.

I felt a special warmth in my heart to know that Mr. Fred Phelps attended the funeral. I'm sure the Shephards were even more enthusiastic.

Which only goes to show you the joy of Christian Values.

All sarcasm aside, some folks have actually demonstrated true concern over this issue, although I wonder how quickly our rather short-attention-span nation will forget the whole thing and go back to business-as-usual (meaning, of course, more death, more maiming, and more atrocities).

Admittedly, I've been fortunate. The worst I've ever dealt with was some cowardly tauntings from a driver-by who must have recognized me or something. I leisurely followed them on foot, but they were too afraid to confront me for some reason (it isn't like I'm some hulking figure of a human being).

But others have been considerably less-fortunate. I've heard some horrible tales leading from deaths to permanent disfigurements, simply because some of us prefer to live our lives honestly and openly.

I've had it with Jesse Helms and his lot. They're not worthy of our attention... we should omit these people from our society as the pariahs they deserve to be.

On the odd chance you really don't believe these people exist, why not take a good look at for a bit. You'll see some fascinating examples of doublespeak, circular logic, and out-and-out hatemongering, the likes of which can fascinate and possibly even amuse.

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