BellAtlantic Sucks

At first, I thought maybe it was just a fluke. Give them a chance.. I mean, they were on strike, after all, so things aren't going to be right. Taking a week to flip a couple of switches to give me telephone service is reasonable. Slipping so badly on their DSL (or whatever the hell it's called) service can be expected, considering the additional problems associated with it.

Even completely screwing up my long distance company connection by using the wrong access code, leaving me without long distance for almost two weeks might be considered something of an accident.. the operator not wearing her glasses and all that.

But to wake up this morning and attempt to get online with my service provider and do my daily rounds, only to find that my phone was entirely dead pretty well goes beyond it all.

I've never had more problems with a phone company in my life. I've lived in Japan, Virginia, Georgia, and all over the place in North Carolina, and always managed to have relatively decent phone service. Connecting was straightforward. Long distance was never a problem. And the service never went down without reason (say, a hurricane or really bad storm).

Then I move to Takoma Park, to experience the joys of dealing with BellAtlantic, the phone company who manages to screw up in almost every possible way imaginable short of over-billing (but then, the year isn't out yet). I haven't been with this company for three months yet, and already I've managed to come to the conclusion that someone over there is asleep at the wheel.

I wonder if a case could be made for anti-competitive practices in the phone service racket. I mean, if I could choose a different local service provider I surely would.. but I can't. I'm stuck with these idiots. I'd much rather go back to BellSouth.

Meanwhile, I'm wondering how the heck I'm going to get this page up to my web site when I can't log in.

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