base64 favors

So, my sister, she sends me this bit of e-mail, and she says:


Hey there!  Attached is that MIM file that Jeffers is trying to decode.
My WinCode is crashing (damned MS!) so I can't work it.  Would you give it
a whirl?  It's a .jpg, that much I can see, but other than that I can't
work it.

Send it to [an AOL e-mail address].


Like I'm a fairy godmother or something.

And, like an idiot, I actually attempt this.

Never mind that she's giving me an attachment with an attachment buried inside it, so I have to somehow magically pull the original attachment out and try to get some mime-reader to decode it.

As if THAT isn't enough, I didn't happen to have a mime decoder handy.

But, be thankful I actually use a linux machine at home, because it just so happens there's a mime-decoder I could download and install. Of course, it involve downloading about five different files, but they were small. I then had to compile them (they didn't already come compiled), and install them, and make sure that I had all the parts and all that. And I also had to actually find the damned executables after they were written. Of course, being unix, they're actually perl script files, so they're quazi executables, but who cares as long as they do the job.

So I managed to get all this crap installed and working, and I try it out on the attachment within an attachment (which, in concept, should mean I only have to run the thing twice).

Naturally, it didn't work.

You want to know WHY it didn't work. Of course not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

It didn't fucking work because NOT ALL THE DAMNED INFORMATION REQUIRED BY MIME WAS IN THE ATTACHMENT WITHIN THE BLOODY ATTACHMENT [silently screaming all kinds of insanities, then slowly composing my inner mind, I continue...] but I somehow managed to figure out just how to edit the file to make it all work anyway.

I gave Jeffers two jpg images, both of which feature a blonde lady who, presumably, will never send him base64-encoded e-mail again, or I will hunt her down and kill her.

All of this, of course, demonstrates to me just how much AOL sucks.

I shit you not, I spent over two solid hours working on this because I'm obsessive-compulsive, and I damn well know no fucking computer is going to get the better of me.. so there, nyahhhh.

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