Christians killing abortionists

This rant refers to the well-publicized killing of an abortionist in 27 Oct 98.

For the first time, anti-abortion snipers managed to actually kill instead of merely wound an abortionist in the name of Jesus. Apparently, their aim is improving.

I have little doubt there will be praise coming from The Christian Reich shortly (if not already).

My essential response to all this is, of course, to call upon all people from all walks of life to kill a Christian for Jesus. After all, according to the extreme conviction of my belief, I feel fully justified in murdering Christian individuals (especially Republican Christians, like my sister), and can see no greater service I could do for mankind than to rid the earth of these vermin.

So, pick up your favorite weapon, aim it carefully (don't want to hit any of those good non-Christians, now), and do a Christian in. You'll feel better about yourself.

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