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I figure any ol' fleeb can make a web page. And so this fleeb thought he'd give it a shot.


Card from my sister

My sister sent me this beautiful card, which I've ruined in this photograph. The chime really works, I use it on my bedroom door.

Inside, she lovingly wrote the following:

Something to mask the
sound of your miserable
shriveling soul as it
descends into Hell.

I really love my sister!

From TheAdventures of Baron Munchausen

Baron: Go away, I'm trying to die.

Sally: Why?

Baron: Because I'm tired of the world. And the world is evidentially tired of me.

Sally: Why? Why?

Baron: Why, why, why... Because it's all Logic and Reason now. Science, Progress {hiss, hiss}.. laws of hydraulics, social dynamics, laws of this that and the other. No place for three-legged cyclops in the south seas. No place for cucumber trees and oceans of wine. No place for me.



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