Harper's Ferry, WV

Melvin, Tony, Jason, and I went to Harper's Ferry as a day trip this past Sunday (1 Nov 98) to enjoy the fall colours, and to do something different from the average weekend blahs.

While I enjoyed the whole trip, I mostly want to present some of the photographs I took while I was up there.

Some photos were taken of us. Such photos, to me, are the most difficult to take, since they almost always wind up being grip-'n-grins, which goes against everything I ever learned about photography as a journalist. Still, you might like them.

Others presented old bridges that were either dead, or still around.

I also took several pictures of the rocky streams.

And, of course, there are miscelleneous shots ranging from old Model T Fords to the moon behind an old church's steeple.

We returned to Harper's Ferry recently to find some more pictures.

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