Here's one of the dead bridges I saw. This one seemed to really capture my imagination. Although you cannot see from this angle, there's a tree growing out of the side of the nearest support. I found it interesting to find so many supports around this area. Outside this view, there was another set of supports nearby, as well as a currently accessible bridge.

This should offer a better view of the tree growing out of the first support. I like the composition a little better, too. One gets an interesting sense of how the bridge once existed there, I think.

This is a railroad leading into a tunnel into the side of a mountain. We found it amazing that this was carved out so long ago (I, regretfully, don't remember exactly when they worked on this, but they definately didn't have the sort of equipment we have today). We had walked across the bridge to look at the canal on the other side. Sadly, due to a flood several years ago, the canal is now dried up. Supposedly, it's been under renovation for quite a while, but I suppose there's little hope of getting it back into place soon.

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