Misc. Two

People may throw money into this part of the cave.

The copper from the coins give it this greenish look. Each year, the money is pulled out of the now toxic water, and donated to various charities displayed above the pool (but not photographed).

Luray Caverns houses the largest musical instrument in the world. An 'organ' was carefully built using certain formations that produced appropriate pitches when lightly tapped. Magnetic hookups convey the sound to speakers located in a central location. This cave-organ has 37 notes. When you go through the tour, the guide may press a button which will cause the organ to play "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God."

Even the walls have ears here in the caverns.

This formation can be seen three times during the tour. The caves twist and wind about, with this structure appearing somewhere in the middle of the caverns. The people who originally found the cave used to use this to get their bearings.

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