Puzzled by taxes?

At long last, I may enjoy the comforts of DSL.

After over two years of waiting, some minor installation issues (mostly stemming from Bell Atlantic while they flip a switch somewhere), and a crazy work schedule, I managed to get DSL installed at home! I don't enjoy networking this fast at work: very fast downloads, extremely quick-to-download webpages, and just generally great performance overall.

Now, with some reworking of one of my computers, I can work from home occasionally (something that would be more than a little bit nice right about now).

Taxes bit into me (I owed for state, which I expected). I need to make some arrangements with my company to have them withhold some additional funds so I won't get molested by state taxes at the end of the year. Fortunately, I easily have the money to handle it, but it would be nice to keep things more on an even keel.

This is the first weekend I've managed to have off in about month or so. Naturally, I'm spending it playing at home and resting. I am pretty thoroughly worn out. I am thankful to have the DSL in place, so I have another toy to play with for the weekend.

I had hoped to have a response from MaxTECH about how to handle this problem with the power supply of a computer I bought for Melvin's nephew. The power supply blew out, and I want to replace it. Unfortunately, I don't know where to go to replace this thing, and they haven't responded to my e-mail. I'll either need to replace the case, or take this to a shop to get it repaired (I am favoring taking it to a shop, as I suspect it might be less expensive).

But, overall, I don't have much to report.

Well.. you might want to give the preview release of Netscape 6.0 a try. It's not bad, although I've had a couple of crashes on Linux.

I will have to revise some bits on my web pages (mostly the links page) to comply with the new scripting standards. While my links page continues to work (in that you can see it), the collapsible stuff no longer works. I should probably think about a complete revision anyway; I'm not convinced I really like having the collapsible stuff. I might prefer instead to use some other mechanism. Gotta think about it some more.

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