Heh.. took a little longer this time.

My little HTMLArchive project still clicks along. I think I managed to deal with a certain technical issue (one related to performance) using streams and objects that persist their state to and from said streams. Kind of nifty, seeing this work in STL (having had to deal with RogueWave Tools++ in the past).

Now I have to create the actual files and modifications to said files. Fun. But after that, I'll likely be ready to use this program with my web pages... and I'll be able to unleash it to an unsuspecting public. Could be fun.

Did your eyes just glaze over?

I got some amusing e-mail from someone whose name will remain anonymous (just in case the person doesn't want to be annoyed by anyone else) regarding my domain name.

fleeb is the coolest word ever.  F. Lee Bailey= F.Lee B. = Fleeb!

I responded that the truth was far sadder, and now the person wishes to know what that truth might be.

So, what the heck.

As a teenager, I used to read these books by Robert Asprin.. Little Myth Marker and Another Fine Myth for some examples. They feature a character named Skeeve, from the dimension of Klaa. Folks from Klaa are, of course, Klaads (pronounced Clod).

I found the character very engaging. Skeeve, in reality, could bore a person to tears. He held about as much interest as my second paragraph to this archive entry. However, Skeeve acted as Aahz's magician, since Aahz had lost his powers due to a practical joke (note: Aahz is from the dimension Perv, and depending upon the company, would be known either as a Pervect or Pervert). In the course of Skeeve's adventures, he wound up becoming a powerful magician.. but mostly because people perceive him to be powerful. In reality, Skeeve knows hardly any magic, and must constantly use his wits to make best use of the few tricks he's managed to learn from Aahz.

Now, I have a love for making up words. I always have, and I always will. One of my favorite sentences (of my own creation) is "Sploog on querty fleems until you vetch." It's obviously some kind of insult, but you can't quite know what exactly the insult could be, since 4 of the 7 words don't exist. This sort of sport delights me. I should probably seek therapy.

Well, as a teenager, I decided I wanted to come up with a name that would have a sound as equally wimpy as 'Skeeve'. That name was 'Fleeb'.

Knowing this, I wonder how many folks out there could imagine who my favorite poet might be?

There is a Young Lady, whose nose
Continually prospers and grows;
When it grew out of sight, she exclaimed in a fright,
"Oh! Farewell to the end of my nose!"

Well, okay, so Edward Lear doesn't make up words like Lewis Carroll does.. but he's still my favorite poet!

And, uh, there you have it. Another update. The rest of my life plods along quietly. Except for the nightmare I apparently had a couple of nights ago (someone chasing me, according to Melvin). Probably from the stress I'm feeling at work lately.

So, if you haven't done so already, pester my sister to update her site. She'll be annoyed with me, and probably write something snide. I'll be amused. But then, if I'd be amused, she'll probably not write anything snide and.. well, pester her anyway.

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