The snow started falling around noon this past Sunday. The old snow hadn't melted yet, so this just piled on top of the old snow. Fortunately, we were prepared, so the roads are not as bad as one might think.

But for Sunday, Melvin and I found ourselves trapped at home. Melvin worked on some school work he needed to finish, while I focused on a personal programming project.

I have this plan to create a better archiving program than the one I'm currently using. The new program will be much more configurable, using a tag that the user enters into a template file to handle the configuration.

So, I had to create a bunch of objects that could help parse a text file for tags and attributes (including attribute values). I decided I wanted to do this using the STL (Standard Template Library), something I don't get to use much of at work. I have little experience with the STL, but I somehow managed to figure it out all out.

So, I now have some untested objects that theoretically can help me parse a file I've read into memory for tags and attributes. The next trick will be to use these objects to read a file the user specifies on the command line, using them to fill in attributes for another set of objects who will make the changes needed to pull off my whole scheme.

Then I'll have to find someone to make a MacIntosh version or something, since I'm not sure it would be very easy to convert the whole thing to Java, and I think my sister could use a program like this.

To be clear, I'm creating an archiving program for webmasters, something that will allow a web master to create a single file in a directory, run the program, and have it:

  1. Update an index file with the new entry.

  2. Fill in text from the latest file in the index or a different HTML file.

  3. Fill in/update previous/next tags within the entries (something I'm currently missing).

I think it'll be great when I'm done. It'll probably be good enough for me to post to Freshmeat when I get the first draft done.

In the meantime, however, I have to enjoy the use of my current, more limited program. And try to keep warm.

Catch you later...

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