My sister and my father had hopes of coming to see me this weekend, but they were dashed. The weather simply would not co-operate. While they might have been able get here, they probably would not have been able to get home from the airport when they returned to Charlotte, because right about now they're getting snowed in.

So, I've been piddling around, trying to create a better archiving program (one that's more flexible than the one I'm currently using). I like what I have, but I see a way to create something that more folks could use. And, frankly, the newer program would help me out with other parts of this site.

Meanwhile, Melvin has been frying his brains at school.

I did manage to find a place that sells the water I like that's only about 6 miles from where I live! Furthermore, if I prepay for the water, I can get it cheaper; instead of paying a little over $4 for 5 gallons, I can get it for $3. Considering how we can go through water, I think this translates to a decent amount of savings. And I don't have to drive as far to get it.

I downloaded something from AvantGo that looks neat. After installing it to your PDA, it lets you view various web pages (those that have been carefully designed for it). I'm considering support for it on my site (as if I do enough here to warrant it).

It's particularly useful if you want to download the directions you find from MapQuest. And that can help you avoid burning through too much paper from your printer. Not that MapQuest's directions are always that wonderful.. caveat emptor.

Meanwhile, I'm going to have to prepare for the snow we're likely to get in the area. Hope you're having fun, wherever you are.

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