I've finally put together an archiving utility that lets me write one file to handle all my archiving.

The trick involved writing my own utility to handle it. I had been avoiding it for a long time, but during this snowy day, I figured it might be a fun project to work on.

It's extremely nice; I simply copy a template file to a new filename, modify it with the new stuff that will eventually be archived, then save it. When I run my program, it creates a couple of files, updates the archive list, and creates a file for me to include in my main page (basically, the latest info).

It has some restrictions; the filename has to be in the format yyyymmdd.html, where 'y' is for the year, 'm' is for the month, and 'd' is for the day. You may only run this in the directory where the items to be archived are stored. It expects index.html to be where the archive list will eventually wind up, and it requires a file named ignTemplate.wml to be in the directory; it will use this file to create the basic index.html file.

There are other restrictions, too, but I won't bore you with them; you probably don't care. Still, if you do care, and you want the source code (it's in C++), let me know and I'll e-mail it to you or something.

And, on the topic of snowy days.. phew! We're buried in snow! Earlier, we had a difficult time calling out to family or getting online, because the phone lines were constantly busy (or dead). Things seemed to have calmed down quite a bit, though.. except for the weather. I have a nice little drift starting to pile up at my back door. Fortunately, I don't really use that door often, so it doesn't matter much. It's just nice to observe.

I don't have much else to write about at the moment... I'm just happy to finally have a means by which I can easily update you folks.

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out Satiharu sometime. Especially if you're looking for Jewelry from Nepal. I figured this update happened so quickly, I'd like to give her a little more exposure.

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