This weekend, I found myself installing a modem in one computer, and trying to get someone's AOL account working on another computer. Folks, just say "no" to AOL. If you have technical problems with them, they're a pain to work with. Use a normal online service that uses the operating system the way it was intended to be used.

Installing the new modem was easy; took me about 30 mins, and most of that involved waiting for Windows to reboot. But dealing with AOL software... that involved a couple of hours of madness and compu-trickery that never led to a resolution to the problem; the problem being that AOL refused to work with the lady's modem.

The good news is that the lady somehow managed to get her system working, after calling AOL's technical support. Still, one should be able to resolve their problems themselves, and not have to deal with AOL's crappy software.

But then, I suppose I'm kind of biased that way, liking to resolve my own issues as much as possible.

I also bought several DVDs this weekend. I'm now the happy owner of vols 1-6 of the Southpark DVD collection, and vols 1-8 of the Monty Python's Flying Circus collection.

Melvin and I watched a few episodes of Southpark.. he had never seen any of the regular episodes. So, naturally, the first episode we had to watch together featured Big Gay Al. Hysterical stuff.

Also, a friend of mine wants to get a little traffic on her site. She sells jewelry from Nepal. I've seen some of the jewelry first-hand, and it looks like quality stuff. If you really want a nice gift idea for your wife or just plain like Nepalese jewelry, please check out Satiharu sometime.

Otherwise, I cannot say I've had a very busy weekend. So... catch you later!

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